Advanced Intuitive Tarot

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Looking for new insights from your tarot readings?

The good news is, they are right at your fingertips—and this course will help you hear and understand them!

This tarot workshop covers various spreads and dives into reading them intuitively.

The cards are important but Advanced Intuitive Tarot is more about connecting to the cards and the intuitive reading of the cards in the moment and context of the reading!

✦ $25/session ✦
Cash or card accepted!
Required: bring your personal tarot deck to class or you may purchase your own at INDIGO Alliance.

Session 1: April 1st
Session 2: April 15th
Session 3: April 29th
Session 4: May 13th
Session 5: May 27th
Session 6: June 10th

The tarot is a book of wisdom, but most people don’t know how to comprehend its teachings. Intuitive Tarot is all about finding the inroads that open you up to what the cards are saying to you. In the course, we’ll explore a variety of tips and techniques for getting more from each reading, as well as ways to integrate tarot into your daily life for inspiration, guidance and manifestation. From choosing a deck and making it yours, to making sacred space for readings, to guided journeys, Intuitive Tarot will help you develop a deep relationship with this ancient oracle, heightening your perception and strengthening your confidence in the abilities you already have, but may not know you possess.

Roger Allen Ward
Since 1987, Roger Allen Ward has been filling his spiritual toolbox with a variety of tools that allow his natural intuitive skills to promote understanding, healing and joy for himself and others. His main path is that of music—Roger is a professional composer of classical music with an MFA in Composition from the California Institute of the Arts. His music has been heard at venues including Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Rose Bowl, Arcosanti and Merkin Hall.

Roger believes that all creative activity is a spiritual act and that all spiritual disciplines enhance creativity. His other spiritual endeavors include being a graduate of the Silva Method (Basic, Ultra, Mastery Seminars, Silva Life System, Silva Intuition Training and the Success, Prosperity and Abundance course). A Level III Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Tibetan lineage and a Minoan Energy Healing practitioner, roger also has extensive experience working with crystals and stones. His divination practices encompass both the tarot and casting of lots. He follows the Wiccan path, having worked, studied and led rituals with groups as diverse as CUUPs, Reclaiming, the Georgian Tradition, of which he is an Initiate, Correllian Nativist Tradition and the Minoan Brotherhood, where he holds the rank of Minos (High Priest).


March 17


12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

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2548 East Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA, US

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