Our team is a diverse group of master spirit workers whose modalities cross a wide variety of spiritual disciplines. Their specialties range from astrology, tarot, channeling and mediumship to feng shui, past life regression, lots, angel cards, animal communication and more.

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YaYa is an intuitive empathic medium, who comes form a long lineage of spiritual practitioners.

The past 6 generations of women on both sides of his family have been respected spirit workers and community leaders. His spiritual ancestry includes traditions native to Jamaica , Guatemala and Honduras (Mayan), Ghana (Ashanti Tribe), New Orleans and more. YaYa’s natural abilities have allowed him to synthesize these diverse traditions and marry them with the many paths he has encountered in this life, including Native American spirituality, New Age thought and more.

Significant guides and ascended masters YaYa works with include Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Metatron, ascended masters Merlin, Jesus, Buddha, Melchizidek, Bagda, Mother Theresa, St. Germain, Quan Yin and King Solomon and deities such as Ganesha, Krishna, Lakshmi, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Epona, Isis, Athena and Sedna. Always in contact with Spirit, YaYa is able to receive and pass on messages that help fellow travelers navigate their individual spiritual paths.

In addition to mediumship, YaYa’s spiritual arsenal includes reading using many different types of oracle decks, aura scanning/color intuition, working with animal totems and feng shui.

Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2-7pm and Saturdays by appointment.

1 hour/$100
30 mins/$50
15 mins/$30

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If you want to have a thorough, insightful and always entertaining astrological reading, Toni is the person for you. Toni’s puts extensive research and effort into an Astrology chart in order to give a thorough and enlightening reading. She will provide insights into questions such as who you are, why you do the things that you do and what you would be best suited to do career wise. Toni uses her vast knowledge of Astrology and Tarot, gained over 40 years of study and professional practice, in both her readings and the many popular courses she teaches at Indigo Alliance.

Call 626.796.2100 to arrange a full life Astrology chart and reading for $175, which she will record for you.

Single question charts/$50.

1-hour Tarot readings/$110.

Since 1987, Roger (aka rogerallenward) has developed a spiritual toolbox that allow his natural intuitive skills to promote understanding, healing and joy. He believes all creative activity is a spiritual act and that all spiritual disciplines enhance creativity. His other spiritual endeavors include being a graduate of the Silva Method. A Level III Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Tibetan lineage and a Minoan Energy Healing practitioner, roger also has extensive experience working with crystals and stones. His divination practices encompass both the Tarot and Casting Of Lots. He follows the Wiccan path, having worked, studied and led rituals with groups as diverse as Reclaiming, the Georgian Tradition and the Minoan Brotherhood, where he holds the rank of High Priest.

Available for Tarot and Lots readings or Reiki healings evenings and weekends by appointment.

Reading rates:
1 hour/$120
30 minutes/$60
15 minutes/$30

Reiki rates:
1 hour/$125
30 minutes/$65
15 minutes/$35

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Madame Peggy Schnader is a clairvoyant medium who uses tarot and angel cards as well. Peggy’s Grandfather was a psychic who had premonitions of upcoming events such as people’s deaths. He encouraged Peggy, who had the same gift, to visualize in her mind’s eye something that existed outside of her see an upcoming event.

INIDIGO Alliance is proud to have Peggy available for phone readings at INDIGO Alliance. She is clairvoyant and also hears messages from both her guides and your guides. In fact, they whisper into her right ear, in which she is actually deaf!

Madame Peggy is available for telephone readings through INDIGO

15 mins/$45
30 mins/$60
1 hour/$120

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule a reading today.

INDIGO ALLIANCE is proud to host nationally known psychic Greg Stanley for special appearances every few months. Although based in Hawaii, Greg appears in LA frequently, always with INDIGO as a destination on his itinerary. Watch our Facebook and Meet-ups and website for his next event at INDIGO.

From Greg:
“Being both a psychic and a medium means I can better guide you, whether you are in a crisis, at a crossroads, or just feel stuck. As a psychic I can sense your past, present, or future. With my mediumship I can also bring you comfort that life goes on, and that your loved ones are still around, being your cheerleaders. Sometimes I will deliver messages from them about what lies ahead for. I also hear and see spirits and other nonphysical energies.”

Greg will be at INDIGO again soon! When in residence at INDIGO, he is available for private sessions and holds a group event.

Call 626.796.2100 to find out more.

Rates available upon request, and vary according to the specific event or service.

Adriana is a healer, channel, reader, pattern re-writer and a healthy lifestyle teacher. Trained on the East Coast but recently transplanted to LA, she is High Priestess Luciana initiated into a lineage of Melchizedek that shines Light & Love everywhere she goes. Once she is put on your path your life will change, as you have desired to bring new life and new energy to your current situation. She is here to answer any of your questions, walk you through healing and help you understand why have you chosen certain life lessons for your soul’s growth.

She is looking forward to being of service to you so that your soul can find peace and move forward. Adriana conducts New and Full Moon Ceremonies at INDIGO Alliance and is often found doing Tarot readings and the very popular coffee grounds’ readings at our Psychic Fairs and she will be giving classes on crystals soon.

Available for private readings by appointment.
30 minutes/$80
60 minutes/$150

For Deana Bagley, exploring her spirituality started in her early 20’s. Today she is thankful to have her belief of Truth that has carried her through life’s many joys and experiences. Always wanting to learn and grow, it was during Deana’s years as an RN in the Intensive Care Unit she became keenly aware that the state of mind of the patient was clearly correlated to their ability to recover. The knowing-ness that “our thoughts are everything” is permanently fixed into her way of life. After leaving nursing, the ELs, Deana’s committee of Spirit Guides and Teachers, began to come through to her during meditation. Through the practice of channeling she was able to receive and deliver their message to others. Deana now channels the ELs through teaching classes and providing private and group readings. Their message is always delivered with simplicity, humor and compassion providing the recipients with exactly what they need to hear.

Available Wednesdays 12-4 pm by appointment.

30 minutes/$60
1 hour/$100.

Annaliese has always been connected and intrigued by the history of angels, fairies, tarot, crystals and books/lessons about our natural spiritual world. For as long as she has known, she has been a gifted creative intuitive, a talent she incorporates with each of her sessions/readings.
Available Saturdays 12-6 pm for appointments, readings, meetings or scheduling call or email to book an appointment.

Creative Intuitive Angel Card Readings or Creative Therapy sessions:
15 minutes/$22
30 minutes/$55
1 hour/$99

Cynthia Escobar, from The Power of Spirit, is a Certified Spiritual Transformational Life Coach from The Life Mastery Institute, a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Practitioner. After finding her clear connection to the powerful universal presence within her, she found her life’s purpose: to lead others through their own spiritual journey so that they may live a freer, fuller, more expansive life. Cynthia can take you to a higher vibration and ultimate peace and freedom. The desire for this spiritual journey is innately inherent in all beings. Listen to your longing and give yourself the gift of true life now!

Cynthia leads a Mediumship Development Circle every other Thursday evening from 7-9

When we find ourselves stuck in a problematic situation, relationship, phase in life, feeling as if “there is no way out”; when the natural joyous flow of life feels suspended, we have the tendency to pronounce ourselves doomed. Our energy drops; we feel powerless, going round in circles; the tunnel vision sets in. “God, if only I was born lucky”; “If only my Venus sign was different”. Well, yes, but – No! We live in a choice free universe; we are here to create our own reality to the best of our likings and experience joy and expansion. However, often times we simply re-create unconsciously what’s familiar, not because it’s good for us, but out of habit, fear or some deeply rooted mental “spell”.

Kamelia will utilize the essence of Evolutionary Astrology not so much as a prediction tool (remember that song: “…Change your mind, and the rest will follow”…), but rather as a conduit of initiating change in your life. By exploring in depth your birth chart , Kamelia will help you understand the nature of the energy you have come into this life with and to realize it’s expression in your personal reality. The goal of this work is to provide you with guidance into your soul’s past and possible future, so that you tune into your own inner power and create a reality reflecting your Soul’s deepest desires and intention for this life.

After exploring the fields of social work, psychology, art – the venues to human soul through various therapeutic languages, Kamelia found the most direct, natural and sincere path to healing and unlocking the soul’s full strengths and potentials in the past life regression work . DMP is a powerful work that aims at reaching serenity and balance, taking us through the challenging journey as we act out the conflicting aspects of our own complicated nature. Variety of lives could come to the surface in the past life regression session. Usually, the theme resonates with some current issue in our present life. Lives in which we have experienced traumatic events are pointing at the natural attempt of our psyche/soul to search for healing, higher understanding and release. Equally, through past life regression we can re-live beautifully gratifying and happy lives where we have been able to fully express and live our potential. A ”resource-life” like this can serve as a powerful reinforcement in times of challenges, or serve as an awakening of a dormant skill or quality that comes handy in our current life. The healing that comes from just one of these sessions can be quite profound, although sometimes work with a particular complex can take place over a series of sessions.

Kamelia is a Certified Deep Memory Process® Past life regression practitioner.

Available by appointment weekdays after 5 pm and weekends after 12:30 pm

Astrological consultations 1-1.5 hr: $80.00; birth data required upon scheduling appointment

2-hr past life regression session/$150
Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Samantha fell in love with Feng Shui as a little girl when she discovered that moving things around in her bedroom gave her a sense of power and excitement. After attending New York University, Samantha moved to Los Angeles, a mecca of personal growth and fulfillment, and started practicing Feng Shui. Getting certified with the American Feng Shui Institute helped her to discover that her lifelong affinity for redecorating was actually a sensitivity to the energy in her space! It feels good to renew energy that has gone stale, and today, this is what she does professionally. If the home is a metaphor for our “insides,” it is very telling when our homes are full of clutter, and uncomfortable to inhabit. When a client feels stagnant, Samantha comes into the home and shakes it up! Samantha is thrilled to be a part of the Indigo Alliance team and looks forward to sharing both insights and practical tips at her upcoming Feng Shui workshop!

Available by appointment.

30 minutes/$40
15 minutes/$20
Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Estari began meditating in 1996 and as a result of her intense meditation practice, her mind opened up and she gained access to deeper layers of consciousness within her subconscious. This blew the lid right off of her psyche and she began having lucid and prophetic dreams and out of body experiences. Needless to say, nothing prompts an individual to start probing into the nature of reality and the essence of their own humanity like waking up outside of the physical body!

As a result of such trans-formative experiences, Estari became a devout truth seeker, studying metaphysics, philosophy and quantum science on her own. A self-taught metaphysician, she has returned to college in an effort to receive the educational credentials that are equivalent to her current knowledge and overall expertise. At this time, she holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics, and she is currently finishing up her Master of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Sedona.

Mystical Meditation 5:30-6:30pm on Mondays.

Hilja Mari is a clairsentient, with the psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. She has an M.F.A. and a background in psychology and is an expert at receiving and understanding images. Hilja uses the tarot to look at relationships of all kinds, life’s crossroads, and what’s up for you at this time. She is great at seeing and identifying the issue at hand, receiving messages, and suggesting ways to move forward with understanding. Hilja enjoys showing others how to tap into their own deepest knowing to receive guidance from their infinite self and divine guides. She teaches classes on meeting your guides and stepping into your divine purpose. Hilja gives in Tarot readings in person and telephone. Her style is straight forward, with true concern, focus, understanding, delight, and enthusiasm.

Available Thursdays from 2-6pm and by apppointment.

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule an appointment today.

Jeff is the person you want to spend some time with if you have been feeling that the Universe is kicking your behind and you aren’t sure how this could have possibly happened to you. Weren’t you sure you had it all under control?

Jeff can help you get some perspective, he points out that this happens to all of us at one time or another. Come hear his advice for putting a positive spin on whatever troublesome thing in your life that is insisting it be dealt with. Let’s put our heads together and look for whatever “the lesson” may be in the current dilemma (why or how did this happen, TO ME), and get a plan for working through it.

Jeff has performed, acted, written, produced and directed in pretty much all of the entertainment industry: theater, stand-up, TV, film, and radio comedy for twenty five years. He started in San Francisco, worked at it in the Sacramento area and now he is in a very tough arena, LA! When he made the jump to LA, after years of expanding his resume he came to realize that what he really should be expanding was his consciousness. He became a comedic inspirational speaker, he does not like the word “motivational” applied to him. He claims it frightens people, making them think that something is expected of them. Come hear Jeff, you will love him, he is funny, he is inspiring, he is motivating (sorry, Jeff) and best of all, you will realize you are not alone.

Jillian Cook is an intuitive tarot reader, certified herbalist, yoga teacher and reiki & crystal healer.

Available by appointment.

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Michelle Hart has been in communication with Spirit since she was a little girl. In her youth, there abilities felt like a curse, but as she got older and learned to use and control them, they became a gift that has provided her with joy, direction and the ability to help others.

Michelle’s passion is to help people get clarity, to help bring peace of mind and to show the way to happiness.

Michelle believes she is protected, guided and kept safe by Spirit. She is fully assured everyone else is as well, and that you are surrounded by a myriad of clues from Spirit reminding you of this. Because Michelle lives in awareness of Spirit, she is able to help you decipher these clues, understand their meaning and delve deeper into the world of Spirit as you travel your unique life path.

Available by appointment.

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Carole offers you Heart-Centered Intuitive Guidance receiving information quickly with visualizations as well as hearing and feeling energies. She ILLUMINATES creative solutions in your life by connecting with your heart’s energy. Carole is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. Her passion is to help inspire truth and to activate the hearts in her clients to help them live in joy and without conflict. Clients come to her for clarity in their personal life, career, and business.

Our heart intuitively knows what changes can occur to help bring positive opportunities to what seemingly appear as confusion, feeling stuck or indecision. By connecting with your heart’s energy, Carole brings clarity to your life, offering a sense of healing, with warmth and ease and grace. Living in peace IS loving yourself. Experience an intuitive guidance session with Carole and begin to live your authentic, inspired life.

Available for walk-ins Wednesday 2 – 6pm.
Available by appointment only Mondays 2 – 6pm and Saturdays 1 – 6pm.

15 minutes $30
30 minutes $50
45 minutes $75
1 hour $120

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Clare is certified in Energetic Alchemy which is an art form that transfers sacred life force into stuck areas of the body, and transforms negative, low energy to higher, divine energy. She serves as a metaphysical aid that can help you remove problem areas and help you to start attracting quality experiences into your existence. Her work combines energy, spiritual, and emotional healing with spiritual guidance and counseling. As an intuitive metaphysical medium and healer, she can help you identify and remove blockages in the body, help you connect on a deeper level with your divine self, and help empower you to get to the next level that serves you to your highest and greatest good. She is a facilitator and guide for soulful healing. She believes we really are our own healers and must be willing and want to do the necessary action steps for lasting transformation.

Available by appointment Mondays and Wednesdays.

30 minutes $65
1 hour $100

Call 626.796.2100 to schedule your appointment today.

Psychics, readers and healers are not licensed doctors, attorneys, financial advisors, accountants or therapists. They work in the spiritual dimension, advising on and/or healing spiritual matters. If a reading or healing service touches upon health, finance, legal or other crucial life issues, you should seek the advice of a licensed and/or certified professional.

INDIGO Alliance is not responsible for the content of readings and healings performed by its practitioners.